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 ►  About Kristina:
Hello, I`m new here! I work as a dancer - and am here to dance only for you. When you come to visit me in my chat - I will make you wonder why it took you so long to get here. ;)
 ►  Erotic interests of Kristina:
oral sex, orgy, porn, role playing, swallowing, toys, spanking, tattoo, voyeur, live dates
 ►  Description of Kristina:
Age: 21 / Virgo
Aus: Luhans’k, Ukraine
Languages: English
Height / Body: 175cm normal
Gender: female
Preferences: heterosexual
Hair color: brunette, long
Piercing: bellybutton
Bra size: 90 C
Complexion: white
Eye color: brown
Shave: fully shaved
Character: fair-minded, naughty, humorous, romantic, taboo-free
 ►  Hobbies of Kristina:
Dancing, discos, shopping, tennis and men.
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